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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Creative Day

Ohh my goodness... I am just so thrilled I had to share with you the new sneak peek into Illustrator CS6:
I give this a double tissue rating because you will need that many to catch the drool! ;)

I am currently Beta testing PS CS6 and I am in mad crazy love. It's like being on a date and discovering you get free dessert with your meal! :D

My favorite features so far:
Scripted Pattern Fill.
New no fill stroke feature to shapes along with dashed lines. Very cool.. for those who know AI this lil tool is borrowed from it. ;)
New brushes, oh yeah they have gotten better! Not only do we have the wonderful paint brushes that were updated with CS5 but we now have an erodible brush AND new air brushes. The erodible brush is wicked cool because you start with a sharp tip like you would with your pencil.. then as you use it the tip becomes dull and a little wider, this makes lines very cool. Also you can sharpen your tip when you want to ho back with a click of a button.
Here is the best new brush tool IMO.. the Brush Pose tool.. now those of us who don't have a pen tablet with the advanced pen tilt options can tilt the brush! Yes.. you can have a really neat effect with this feature! You of course have to change the tilt every time you want it different.. but the point is now you can use your Wacom Craft (in my case) or your mouse to create a wicked line effect.. the air brush gives the most awesome effect.

If you are wanting to give it a try you can! :) Yup.. get your own beta version here:

I give this one at least a 5 tissue rating.. especially if you play with the Scripted Pattern Fills. ;)

Have a great day!

Love, Scrap, and Design!


Scrappin Wright


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