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Monday, February 29, 2016

To gamut or not?

Hi there! :)

One of the things that has come up in the many years of digital creation is putting your colors in gamut. This has been a part of every quality check up to a point. What's that you say? Up to a point? Yep.

We have many different graphics programs we can use to create in that go beyond Photoshop and Paintshop Pro and each program will have a different setting and some do not even have a gamut option and when we did quality checks on a team we often left off the gamut for that reason.
What's that you say? No gamut check? How will I know if my image will print in colors and not gray? Well I am here to tell you that it does in my case!
Yup you can use that bright pink, that glorious teal, or what ever your heart desires and your printer should in fact print it. This is especially fun for creative backgrounds!

How do I know it works? I have an image from a beloved art journalist and it's vibrantly colored. I printed it just for this post and guess what? It's FABULOUS!! The pink is bright the teals are bright, and I even checked in Photoshop for gamut before and you know what? Those bright colors were not in gamut. (I am not at liberty to show you her copyrighted art because it's personal use only)

What I learned was that I do not need to worry about using bright colors, it's a personal preference. That is not to say that some colors might be an issue for some printers but in my case there are none.

Try it yourself at home for those who have a gamut correction go OFF the gamut (I know it sounds so weird to me too). Open your graphics program and splat some digital ink around a paper and see what colors you get when printed, you might be surprised!

I would still check gamut if you can because it COULD be an issue but I wouldn't stress about it.

Scrappin Wright
AKA Tina


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