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Friday, April 16, 2010

Brand New Commercial Use Element Pack





Hello Everyone! I would like to show you my newest Commercial Use Element Pack. This is the 4th in my collection it has many variations of curled and curved ribbon. Many of ribbons you see here are a dark "silky" texture.
There are some braided elements that were extracted and photographed from my assorted crafting items and there are some fun "painted" flowers in full color.
There are a couple of frames, one is a PSD and the other is a "cluster" that you can recolor as one. As always Please check my blog for latest terms of use.

1 4x4 frame with "pettal" corners
1 cluster frame in png format (great for solid colors)
1 double link frame in PSD
1 braided knot 12 inch strip
1 braided fiber tied in a bow
1 diagonal 17 inch hand crafted fiber
1 "painted" flower sticker
1 "painted" flower
1 flower in PSD format with a ruffle layer
1 hand made tied soft ribbon
1 hand made tied dark silk ribbon
1 dark silk stacked bow
1 dark silk 12 inch ribbon
1 darkish silk curved ribbon
1 darkish silk curled ribbon
1 darkish curved curled ribbon
1 pattern curled ribbon


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