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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Days Of Christmas Bash!

Hi All!
Merry Christmas! I am having a great celebration here from Dec 13 - 25 I have everything in BOTH Divine Digital and Wilma4ever marked down to %55 OFF. (all products over $1.00).
I have a whole set of Build A Kit items at Divine Digital that are brand new for the Holiday Blitzen!
You can collect each part for just $1.00 after you have finished collectinf you will have a great Christmasy Kit.
I am also having a FREEBIE a day over the next 12 days this is for my Newsletter readers ONLY.
How does it work?
Sign up for my Newsletter from now through Dec 25th and you will get a freebie in your mail box! Now don't worry I won't mail you each day because I don't want to be trapped in spam filters I will however mail you 3 times over this time with your list of freebies. :)
You will have 12 freebies by the time it's all over.
Not on the list yet? Don't worry I will update the list through the week to give you a chance. :)

I love Christmas! Have fun ya all!


Here are some previews for Hark The Angels at Divine Digital


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